Thursday 22nd April 2010 is a historic day for the development of the international ski
mountaineering. In the Swiss city Verbier, the day before the famous Patrouille des
Glaciers, the last race of the World Cup circuit, a new formula for the 2011 season of ski
mountaineering has been presented.
The most important news refer to the creation of the Big Race, a circuit in the circuit, which
gathers the most impressive and recognized competitions of the planet and which are still
part of the World Cup. The competitions included in this elite group are 6 for the moment,
to wit: Pierra Menta (France), Adamello Sky Raid (Italy), Tour du Rutor (Italy), Trofeo
Mezzalama (Italy), Mountain Challenge (Norway), Memorial Piotr Malinowski (Poland).
These competitions scheduled for next four years will alternate in the calendar of the World
Cup, as some of them are organized every 2 years.
The Big Race is an innovative and attractive idea on which the ISMF will work during the
next two months in order to establish the regulations and the organizational aspects. In fact,
this subject is to be presented in the next Management Committee and in the Plenary
Assembly of the 19th June in Salzburg where this new circuit of the new world cup with the
dates, the regulation and all details has to be approved.
In the press conference, Lluis López, President of the International Ski Mountaineering
Federation, has remarked the importance of this new project: “I am thrilled to present the
next celebration of the World Cup, -he says- , we really believe in this new way of working
inside of the circuit. Next year we hope to make improve our sport in an even more visible
way. Our will is to increase the visibility of the ski mountaineering in the media.”
After the intervention of Lluis Lopez, it is the turn of André Dugit, the technical director of
the ISMF, who exposes the strictly technical characteristics of the next World Cup. Dugit
has presented the new structure of the world circuit. There will be in total 9 competitions
which will give points for the World Cup ranking. In the first half of the season, until
February, 5 individual competitions will be celebrated. After the break of the World
Championship, which is programmed to be held on the snow of the Dolomiti Friulane de
Claut, the 4 competitions of the Big Race will be celebrated.
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