From 'La stampa'
Are you going to the mountains without taking any precautions or making any 'what if'' contingency plans? Well as from now you will be asked to pay the rescue costs if you get stuck or worse! Only 3 Italian regions: Aosta Valley, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto have made the plans to stem the number of 'futile calls' that they receive in growing numbers every year, wasting precious time that could be used to save other people in genuine emergency situations. If your injuries are within the 'medical parameters'  as the result of an accident they will take you down without you paying a penny.
The helicopter costs are included in the Italian sanitary budget.
BUT the costs resulting from calls caused by missconduct or inappropriate clothing are now being billed to the client!  In Alto Adige you pay a fixed price ticket of 100 euro and Aosta Valley and Trentino you pay 750 euro per person. In Veneto if you are not injured you pay 86,40 euro per minute on the helicopter to be rescued. (From 74 euro to 137 euro per minute, depending on which type of helicopter is being used and the pilot costs 38 euro per hour, the doctor around 55 euro and the nurse 22 euro per hour...)  SO BE CAREFUL and sensible whilst having fun!!!!


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